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/Dev/Hell Podcast:
Episode 58: I Have a Mouth Problem
Apr 06, 2015 @ 17:35:29

The /Dev/Hell podcast has posted their latest episode today: Episode 58: I Have a Mouth Problem with hosts and PHP community members Chris Hartjes and Ed Finkler.

So we kinda forgot we recorded this until a month after the fact. Whoops! This ep is all about side projects, kicking off with Chris and Ed talking about CBTTool, Ed’s electronic worksheet for folks with anxiety disorders. Then we discuss Chris’ new book The Grumpy Little Book of Hack, and Ed’s experience technical editing Modern PHP by Josh Lockhart. Then we get into a boring discussion about marketing. Plus we have STICKERS!

You can listen to this latest episode either through the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3. If you enjoy the episode, you can catch previous episodes in their archives or subscribe to their feed for the latest shows as they're released.

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Link: http://devhell.info/post/2015-04-04/i-have-a-mouth-problem/

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