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PHP Roundtable:
030: SOA and Microservices
Sep 02, 2015 @ 14:55:44

The PHP Roundtable podcast, hosted by Sammy K Powers, has released their latest episode - Episode #30 - SOA and Microservices. In this episode Sammy is joined by guests Yitzchok Willroth, Sherif Ramadan and Samantha Geitz.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is an architecture that shifts our focus from one big monolithic web app to smaller connected web apps. We discuss what an SOA app looks like in the real world and how it affects our codebases, deployment & DevOps.

You can watch this latest episode either through the in-page video player or over on YouTube or check out archived episodes through the "Past Episodes" section on their main page. If you enjoy the episode, be sure to subscribe to their feed and follow them on Twitter to get the latest on new episodes as they're released (or to be a part of a future live broadcast)

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Link: https://www.phproundtable.com/episode/service-oriented-architecture-and-microservices

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