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Taylor Otwell AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Mar 28, 2016 @ 15:57:37

Taylor Otwell, the original creator of the Laravel framework, recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over on the Hashnode site, answering questions from all around the world about anything and everything.

Taylor Otwell is the creator of Laravel PHP framework. He also created Lumen, Forge, and Envoyer. Shoot any questions you want Taylor to answer!

There's a huge list of questions asked covering a wide range of topics (and not just Laravel ones either):

  • Spark
  • VueJs
  • Beanstalkd vs Amazon SQS vs Redis
  • Thoughts on Docker
  • Why he chose to work as a developer
  • Forge improvements
  • How Laravel got to where it is today

As mentioned, there's plenty more questions where these came from to be sure to look through the entire post and check out the answers!

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Link: https://hashnode.com/ama/with-taylor-otwell-cilmj90zh000k6t53il0rdgqp

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