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PHP Roundtable Podcast:
Episode 79 - GDPR For PHP Devs
Nov 12, 2018 @ 19:48:49

The PHP Rountable podcast, hosted by PHP community member Sammy K Powers, has posted their latest episode focusing on GDPR for developers. In it he's joined by guests Michelangelo van Dam and Wim Godden.

The first major piece of legislation that we've seen attempt to regulate how our personal information is handled on the web is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Today we chat with some panelist who have gone down the GDPR-compliance road and they are going to help us PHP devs understand how the GDPR affects us and what we can do to make sure our technology stack is as GDPR-compliant as possible.

You can catch this latest episode in a few different ways: either using the in-page audio/video player, watching the video directly on YouTube or grabbing the audio file directly. If you enjoy the show, be sure to follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their feed to get updates on when future shows are released.

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Link: https://www.phproundtable.com/episode/general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr-for-php-devs

/Dev/Hell Podcast:
Episode 79: Unlikely Hero Fails to Press Mute
Jul 12, 2016 @ 14:56:24

The /Dev/Hell podcast, hosted by PHP community members Chris Hartjes and Ed Finkler, has posted their latest episode: Episode #79: Unlikely Hero Fails to Press Mute.

This time out we spoke with Noelle Daley who shared her experiences at New Relic moving developer relations to being a developer via a programming bootcamp. We also discussed Ed’s latest round of work promoting OSMI and Noelle’s talk she gave at OSBridge in Portland.

There's also a few other topics mentioned including the "super-chill" Perl 5 release manager and the PHP Southcoast conference. You can listen to this latest show either using the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3 directly. Be sure to subscribe to their feed if you like what you hear too!

tagged: devhell podcast ep79 mute hero chrishartjes edfinkler noelledaley

Link: http://devhell.info/post/2016-07-11/unlikely-hero-fails-to-press-mute/

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