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Erika Heidi:
The Art of Programming
Dec 16, 2014 @ 10:29:12

Erika Heidi has posted an interesting article on Mdeium.com today with a look at the art of programming, relating the work we as developers do back to the same kinds of skills artists use in their work.

One of the most consolidated misconceptions about programming, since the early days, is the idea that such activity is purely technical, completely exact in nature, like Math and Physics. Computation is exact, but programming is not. The first is a result of a machine operation, and the latter is still a human activity.

Programming requires a lot of creativity, on top of the abstract concepts, tools and techniques that we might learn in a classroom; all that theory represents only a tiny portion of what is necessary to build a great developer.

She talks about some of her own past experiences with programming and how, from even simple beginnings, she had a "mind blowing experience" making something from just a few lines of code. She talks about how she sees similarities between programming and art such as the two kinds of artists: the ones that copy other work, recreating things already made and the genuine artists making new and inventive things.

Respect the work of others, even if you think there is something with a similar purpose already out there. It's their expression. They are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They are trying to create a better wheel, or a wheel that works better for their purposes.
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Link: https://medium.com/@erikaheidi/the-creative-programmer-2dde54f83e3a

Zend Developer Zone:
Monday's Inspirational Moment (ok, hour)
May 10, 2011 @ 12:55:27

On the Zend Developer Zone today Cal Evans points out a podcast he thinks the software developers out there should give a listen to - SitePoint's latest "Six Pixels of Seperation" episode, How to Get Serious About Your Creativity.

The interview with Steven was Episode #251 of Six Pixels, "How to Get Serious About Your Creativity". I really enjoyed the episode and since creativity is a big part of software development, I think you will too.

As with most podcasts, you can either listen to the episode via an in-page player or you can download the mp3 to listen at your convenience.

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