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PHP Roundtable:
066: Docker: Drinking the Kool-Aid
Aug 31, 2017 @ 15:53:25

The PHP Roundtable podcast, hosted by Sammy K Powers, has posted their latest episode with guests Phillip Shipley, Chris Fidao and Chris Tankersley (author of Docker for Developers): Episode #66 - Docker: Drinking the Kool-Aid.

After years of resisting, SammyK finally drank the Docker Kool-Aid for his everyday client work. We talk about his transition from Vagrant to Docker and some bumps he hit along the way.

You can catch this latest episode either using the in-page audio or video players, by watching directly on YouTube or by downloading the audio for listening offline. If you enjoy the show and want to see more like it in the future, be sure to subscribe to their feed and follow them on Twitter for updates when new shows are released.

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Link: https://www.phproundtable.com/episode/my-transition-from-vagrant-to-docker

Voices of the ElePHPant:
Interview with Chris Tankersley
Apr 28, 2015 @ 13:31:39

The Voices of the ElePHPant podcast has posted their latest episode in theri community interview series. This time host Cal Evans talks with Chris Tankersly, regular conference speaker and

Chris and Cal talk some about Chris' experience with devops and what kind of services that entails. He also does PHP development, but provides support and setup of systems and servers. They also talk some about what Chris sees as some of the major problems between devs and operations. Cal also asks Chris for some advice to developers so they can be more successful on their understanding of the servers their applications run on. There's also a brief mention of WurstCon, an impromptu "conference" that started around just getting some hotdogs.

You can listen to this latest episode either through the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3 directly. If you enjoy the interview, be sure to subscribe to their feed for more great episodes.

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Link: https://voicesoftheelephpant.com/2015/04/28/interview-with-chris-tankersley-2/

Lone Star PHP 2014 Review 01 :: Spotlight On Chris Tankersley's Stay
May 06, 2014 @ 14:40:54

On 7PHP.com there's a new post in their community interview series, this time with Chris Tankersley and some of his experiences at the Lone Star PHP Conference last month.

Welcome to the 7PHP PHP-eatre (theatre) where the screens never tires of diffusing everything that has PHP deep down inside the DNA. Tonight, we'll watch the "after-the-show" of a yummy PHP Conference, named as the Lone Star PHP which took place last week. The screen tonight, features our PHP Rockstar, the Only-and-Only Chris Tankersley.

In the interview Chris answers questions about:

  • His background in PHP and the community
  • What he enjoyed about the conference
  • Some of his favorite sessions
  • The presentation he gave (and how he felt it went)
  • How the conference was different than others he's attended

Check out the full interview with all of Chris' answers too.

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Link: http://7php.com/lonestarphp2014-review01/

Interview With Chris Tankersley Founder Of Northwest Ohio PHP Users Group
Jan 09, 2012 @ 14:43:27

7php.com has posted a new interview today with Chris Tankersley of the Northwest Ohio PHP Users group. The interview (made up of about 20 questions) talks about everything from what Chris thinks about PHP to some advice to aspiring developers to his framework preference.

In this edition, I talked with Chris Tankersley a Zend PHP 5.3 Certified Engineer who has around 8-9 years programming experience in PHP. I’m impressed with his humbleness. He has not even mentioned his blog where he obviously rambles and grumbles about PHP and his projects. Chris has written a nice article on the PHP | Architect blog where he explains How To Exactly Find Where You Are Using The Yahoo PlaceFinder web service.

Other questions include:

  • What's the best PHP book you’ve read?
  • What's one PHP project you really appreciate?
  • Recently Microsoft has also started actively to concentrate on PHP, any comments on that?
  • If you had to go back in time, would you still choose PHP?

Check out the full post for the answers!

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