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Mikko Koppanen's Blog:
Choosing watermark color based on the background luminosity
October 13, 2007 @ 16:04:00

Mikko Koppanen has another blog entry posted dealing with image manipulation with PHP and Imagick, this time it's a cool little script that lets you pick your watermark's color based on the image's background luminosity.

Usually images are watermarked using a predefined color (let's say for example "white"). How well does this actually work when you're doing the watermark on a light or even a white image? The answer is simple: not very well.

His example uses the ImagickPixelIterator to check the luminosity of the background and assigns the text a value between black and white according to the background. Complete code with usage and examples of the resulting images are included.

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imagick watermark color background luminosity imagick watermark color background luminosity

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