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Hannes Magnusson's Blog:
PhD: The [PH]P based [D]ocbook renderer RC1 released
Oct 02, 2007 @ 19:36:00

Hannes Magnusson has bloccked about the latest release of their application, PhD (the [PH]P based [D]ocbook renderer) that builds up documentation, like that for the PHP manual.

Quick note; We released PhD0.1RC1 today o/ Building the php.net documentations has never been as easy or as fast. [...] It takes less than 2 minutes (on my two years old Precision M70 laptop) to render the entire php.net documentations in three formats.

He includes instructions on fetching the packages needed/documents to compile, modify the configuration files and installing and rendering the php.net documentation. They've also set up a special mirror of the PHP documentation with experimental builds of the docs.

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