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PHP 10.0 Blog:
We are doomed! (and Ticks in PHP)
June 20, 2007 @ 10:29:00

In this new post to the PHP 10.0 blog, Stas mentions the "impending doom" of PHP that's been going around the community, including in this post on the TechRepublic site.

He does, however, branch off into something much more interesting that seems to be somewhat ignored by developers - the use of ticks on their code:

This is something named "ticks" - I wonder how many of the PHP developers heard about it and of those how many actually used it. Could it be used for offloading long-running I/O-bound tasks or grouping them together (e.g. so we could wait for DB and HTTP in parallel and not sequentially)? Would there be any use at all for such functionality and if so - how it's supposed to work? I.e. how would you know it's done and how you would collect and use the results?

It's suggested in the comments that it could be used for any kind of application that might need the pseudo-multithreading it offers (including something like scripts needing multiple TCP connections).

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PHP 10.0 Blog: We are doomed! (and Ticks in PHP)

PHP 10.0 Blog: We are doomed! (and Ticks in PHP)

PHP 10.0 Blog: We are doomed! (and Ticks in PHP)

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