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IBM developerWorks:
What's new in PHP V5.2, Part 5: Tracking file upload progress
May 18, 2007 @ 14:38:00

In a continuation of their series looking at what's new in PHP5, the IBM developerWorks site has posted part five, a look at the handy addition of the file upload progress functionality.

Given that uploading huge files can be tedious for impatient users, it is important to provide them positive feedback to keep them from giving up and going away.

Fortunately, PHP V5.2's new hooks into the file upload process allow us to show users in real time what is happening with their uploads. In this article, we will create a progress bar using PHP V5.2 for our users (see Download for source code).

They talk about what "hooks" are to explain how things work together before getting into the setup of the sample app. They chose to go with WAMP for their examples, but it can be easily adapted to any other flavor of *AMP setup of your choosing.

They set up a default upload box inside of a normal form the user can upload a file with. The real magic happens on the backend when the "Upload" button is hit. Via a handy call to the apc_fetch function, we can determine how far along the file is in the upload. This is relayed back to the script when their "Start me up!" link is clicked and a progress bar is advanced as the file is uploaded.

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