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Site Changes Ownership
Apr 21, 2007 @ 16:16:00

In a release on the main page of Codewalkers.com today, Matt Wade announced that he and those involved with the Codewalkers website are stepping down and handing the site off to other hands.

It's with mixed emotions that I make this announcement. Codewalkers has officially changed ownership. I feel a great sense of loss handing the site over to someone else, but I know it is going into good hands. Over the years, I've become attached to both the site and the people that make up the community. As I've stated many times before, without the people (that's you!) that come here and contribute, this site would be nothing at all. So, once again, thanks!

Matt will still be participating in the site, just not in such a prominent roll. The group taking over the main roles in the site is the grup from DeveloperShed who also run the DevShed and DevArticles websites.

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