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Derick Rethans' Blog:
Overloaded properties (__get)
November 17, 2006 @ 08:43:00

While testing the eZ components framework on the latest version of PHP (PHP 5.2), Derick Rethans noticed a problem - a new "Notice" message appearing related to a __get call.

The first issue is an extra notice in some cases. This all works 'fine' with PHP 5.1, however with PHP 5.2 the [following] notice was generated for this code.

The cause? Well, the magic function __get only returns the variables in read mode so they cannot be written to. In Derick's situation, there was a foreach that was trying to use the values in a read/write mode. As a result, the error was tossed. He does provide a workaround, though, involving casting the information into an array.

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magic method function get error notice fatal cast array magic method function get error notice fatal cast array

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