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PHP Statistics for July 2006
August 04, 2006 @ 11:39:35

Damien Seguy has submitted information about the latest PHP statistics for this month for July 2006:

Here are the PHP stats for July 2006. To learn about methodology, read la section phpversion. 15 millions servers were surveyed during May, and 8,1 millions were used for stats: domaines without web sites, those unreachable, ISP or domain parkings were not considered.

In brief :

  • PHP 5 keep on growing, but slower
  • PHP 5.1.4 is now the most popular PHP 5 version
  • PHP 4.4.2 is bigger than ever
  • New : PHP adoption by governements around the world

For each of the stats, there's a nice graph of various types to show the distribution and information (such as maps for the spread of PHP's market share all across the world).

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