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A PHPDeveloper.org Rebirth
Jun 14, 2006 @ 12:38:27

Unless you're one of our syndicated visitors, them I'm sure you've noticed a pretty big change around here. We've gone through a pretty major overhaul here at PHPDeveloper.org, and not just in our look.

When Zend posted their first preview release of the Zend Framework, we had to admit that we were hooked. As has been mentioned several times by many people all over the PHP (and programming) community, working on a project is the best way to learn a new method/software. Our project was the redevelopment of this site.

So yes, PHPDeveloper.org is now up and running on the latest version of the Zend Framework (Preview Release 0.1.3 as of the writing of this post) including some new functionality:

  • You'll notice tagging has been implemented - rather than trying to have predefined categories to fit posts into, we've opted to go with tagging to make the site more flexible and easier to pull only the data you want.
  • Along with this, you can "feed" just about any page on the site now, so if you're only interested in tutorials on a certain subject, add tags to the URL and the "feed this" link will reflect it
  • We've also "gone back to our roots" and are focusing on what we do best around here - provide the latest PHP news to the community. The only think we've really lost in the process were the tutorials we had posted from before. But, if that's what you're looking for, I am more than happy to send them along!

Of course, with new features and new functionality comes some growing pains, so bear with us over these next few days as we work through a few of the issues that pop up. If you come across any or just want to drop me a line to let us know what you think of the new site, feel free to send it along to enygma@phpdeveloper.org. Thanks to everyone out there for their continued support of the site!

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