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Ajax/PHP-powered Sudoku Helper
May 16, 2006 @ 11:16:04

In this new post on jurriaanpersyn.com, the author shares a PHP/Ajax creation with the reader - an Ajax/PHP-powered Sudoku helper application.

This Ajax/PHP-powered Sudoku Helper is a little project written for the 'Internet Technologies' course at KaHo Sint-Lieven. It's an attempt to explore the world of object-oriented programming and the use of WebServices in PHP5, as well as a way to get to know the Prototype / Script.aculo.us Javascript frameworks. And then some … Ajax (buzz buzz!), valid xHTML, CSS Design and a mySQL database.

This article is written for my fellow students wanting to know more about this experiment.

He quickly explains the game and the tools that he's used to create the application - MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Javascript/Ajax, and PHP5 - and a basic overview of how the script works. There's not a step-by-step look at the code, but it is provided for download later in the post. You can even check out a demo of the project that he's set up. And, for those interested, there's a basic presentation on the software as well.

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