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Davey Shafik's Blog:
Spring Cleaning (or a Move from Categories to Tags)
May 03, 2006 @ 07:13:37

Davey Shafik has done some "spring cleaning" on his blog and finally implemented a tagging based system for it (using the Serendipity software) away from the category system it uses by default. In this new post he shares the simple solution to how he did it.

One of the many things I have planned to do for this site is use tags instead of categories. However, when I first tried the plugin, it was quite broken. So I dropped the idea.

However, when setting up the PHP Thinktank blog I gave it another whirl and it works beautifully. So I decided to try again on this site.

He populates the tags for the entries in a simple way - a SQL query that goes through and updates the tag table with the current category for the entry.

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