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Lukas Smith's Blog:
php|tek wrap up
May 02, 2006 @ 07:14:43

Lukas Smith was one of the attendees of the just-past php|tek conference in Orlando, Florida and has posted his own wrap up of his experiences.

I spend the past week in florida. First visiting my parents and then spending time at php|tek where I was invited to give two talks. I was quite nervous about the first talk about "database schema deployment". My original intention was to create a working solution to handle scripting the necessary DDL and DML statements to manage schema updates. However while researching the topic I found that its even less trivial than I expected.

My second talk "beyond SQL" went fairly smooth, although I kind of suffered from the lack of a flip chart to draw on. I really need to sit down and draw some diagrams to include in my slides. The talk was essentially a stripped down version of my "fast, portable, SQL" talk. However I did not strip it down enough so I was short on time. I was talking to a mostly MySQL using crowd so I ended up giving a lot of MySQL specific advice.

Besides his talks, he also shares some of the experiences outside of his talks too, including perspectives on the hotel, the area, his participation in the panel discussion on PEAR and, of course, the goodies handed out.

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