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Lukas Smith's Blog:
The top 5 of PEAR bugs
April 17, 2006 @ 06:49:59

PEAR, the large repository of useful PHP libraries, is steadily growing even more in popularity. The PEAR server packages introduced have made it even easier for people to share their own libraries with the world. Unfortunately, all of this useful code doesn't come without a few issues, and in this new blog post, Lukas Smith mentions the top five packages with the most number of bug reports.

The 5 packages with the most bug reports are all pretty popular although the quality of the code varies. They are all also fairly complex and/or large. I have gone through the bugs of most of them now and then to see if I spot an obvious bogus report.

As of the time of this post, the top five are:

  • Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
  • SOAP
  • HTML_QuickForm
  • Mail_Mime
  • PhpDocumentor

  • Lukas also puts out a call for help, hoping that there are users out there that would like to help conquer these bugs, to help out with making the packages a cleaner place. All it takes is a little time, some inititave, and a glance at the bug reports for the packages to get started.

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    top five pear bugs soap html_quickform mail_mime phpdocumentor top five pear bugs soap html_quickform mail_mime phpdocumentor

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