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Lukas Smith's Blog:
Zend chooses to ignore the questions
Apr 03, 2006 @ 07:03:18

Lukas Smith, following up on a previous post on his perspectives on the openess of the Zend/Eclipse IDE development process. It seems that he's not the only one that's wondering - there've been other posts to the Eclipse boards that have been either ignored or treated with no respect.

After publishing my initial post where I question if the proposal process meets my definition of the open source process I had several people on IRC querying me and saying that they very much agree. However when I indicated that Zend needs to know about this too, so that they can better understand the importance to the community people did not seem to follow through. What exactly are people scared about?

While I may not agree with Zend on this, they have been receptive when people brought issues to their attention. Although it sometimes took a blog post (scroll down to "I'm Spartacus") with a number of comments to make them realize that they need to fix their priorities (scroll to "A Change in Policy").

It's a shame to see the people at Zend not taking notice of something like this until there's already a large amount of community involvement behind it. Sure, it's worked alright so far, ususally with the wanted changes being made, but if they keep that up, it's going to come back around and get them in the end.

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