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A Truly del.icio.us API
Feb 15, 2008 @ 19:04:10

On the WebMonkey site today, there's a new tutorial that looks at one of the most "pervasive" sites to come along in a long time, del.icio.us and how to interact with it's API via PHP.

Who's that with the catchy URL that's getting all the clicks?

Why, it's del.icio.us! No matter where you are on the "Web 2.0" lash or backlash, the pervasive influence of this little bookmark aggregator can't be denied.

The site offers a myriad ways of accessing its database, from HTML and RSS feeds, to JSON data, to browser integration of various types. Let's take a look at the public API, which offers flexible and easy access to del.icio.us.

In his example, he creates a script that, given the contents of an email message, filters out the URL, breaks it into its parts and sends it off to the del.icio.us API to be bookmarked under his account.

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