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Building a simple clone
December 09, 2005 @ 15:19:08

With all of the talk about and Yahoo today, it only seems appropriate that this tutorial came across my path today - a HowTo on building a simple clone.

Recently made the move from Mandrake to Ubuntu, and while I was unpacking in my new $HOME (sorry, I couldn't resist), I came across a little clone I wrote in PHP to test out the RDF generating script I wrote (well, adapted) to go with my article about outliners.

I decided to use PHP, basically because it's the only language I've used for web programming. I decided to use SQLite for the database because I didn't feel like installing MySQL: PHP's SQLite functions are pretty similar to the MySQL equivalent anyway, so it's no big deal.

Please note that what I am presenting in this article does very little: I needed to test a script, and only cloned the parts I needed to do that. I did go a little further, but forgot about it until now. Doing something useful is for a future article!

He gives you everything - the SQL, the code, and even how to get an API to the script working.He wraps it all up with a form that can be used to create the needed code for adding an article to the database...

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