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PHP 5.1.0 Released!
Nov 25, 2005 @ 00:23:55

From the main PHP site today, there's the announcement of the release of PHP 5.1.0.

The PHP development team is proud to announce the release of PHP 5.1.0.

Some of the key features of PHP 5.1.0 include: A complete rewrite of date handling code, with improved timezone support, Significant performance improvements compared to PHP 5.0.X., PDO extension is now enabled by default, Over 30 new functions in various extensions and built-in functionality, Bundled libraries, PCRE and SQLite upgraded to latest versions, Over 400 various bug fixes and PEAR upgraded to version 1.4.5

In addition to new features, this release includes a number of important security fixes and we recommend that all users of PHP 5.0 and early adopters of PHP 5.1 betas upgrade to this release as soon as possible. The complete details about all of the changes can be found in the PHP 5 ChangeLog and an upgrading guide is available as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the latest download now!

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