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John Cox's Blog:
Long List of PHP IDEs
Nov 21, 2005 @ 12:09:02

John Cox today has <a href='http://wyome.com/index.php?module=articles&func=display&ptid=10&aid=479">this new post today with a reminder about the PHPEditors list of IDEs (with reviews) they have posted.

I have used Edit Plus for at least three years, but more than likely longer for my development purposes. I have no real reason why I like it other than I am used to it, and being used to something seems to help my productivity.

PHP Editors has a very long list of other IDEs reviewed and with comments which might come in handy for those that have no loyalty to one product or another. It looks like PHP Designer leads the list of favorite software packages.

I'm an Edit Plus fan too, but some of the reviews on some of these other packages are making me wonder about my choice of editor too. There are a few features that I with Edit Plus had, but I've lived without them so far. I have friends that swear by the Zend IDE and the like, but I just feel more like those are like shooting a mouse with a cannon...

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