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Richard Davey's Blog:
Multi-Tier Application Programming with PHP Book Review
November 18, 2005 @ 05:01:00

On his blog today, Richard Davey has posted this new book review of one of the latest offerings from the "Practical Guide" series - "Multi-Tier Application Programming with PHP".

At this point in PHP's dynamic evolution there is a new buzzword doing the rounds: "enterprise". It is becoming commonly accepted that PHP is a capable language choice as part of an enterprise solution; this book plays upon those thoughts and offers the readers a chance to witness the author build a complete PHP application with multi-tier architecture and scalability at its core, something of a dream for those of us who are at the level where they are progressing beyond the single server/application environment.

In this book author David Wall shows us how to create a PHP application based specifically on a multi-tier architecture and design. The question is: does it live up to the claims?

He explores the book, noting that it might have missed the target audience a bit. The book also suffers from content that can cause what he calls the "chapter skipping syndrome" - dropping chapters as you go along because of their attempt to match a wider audience. The book covers what you'd expect - an intro to multi-tier (from an MVC approach, using SOAP), creating classes, HTTP protocols, and more. Richard's overall view of the book?

But for those who were really hoping for a solid grounding in multi-tier application design and implementation, you'll be left feeling cheated out of your hard earned money. There is a large gap in the PHP book market for a title of this nature, sadly this one doesn't come close to filling it.

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multi-tier application programming book review multi-tier application programming book review

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