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Serious Remote Security Hole in PHP 5.1 (beta) fixed
Jul 15, 2005 @ 17:14:57

Today the Hardened-PHP project put out an advisory regarding a security hole in which existed in PHP 5.1 versions prior to the newly released beta 3.

We have discovered a remotely exploitable security hole in recently added code, that handles HTTP Digest Authorization. This code was introduced in the early days of PHP 5.1 and therefore only the previous beta releases of PHP 5.1 are affected by this double efree() vulnerability, which would have made all installations of PHP vulnerable to remote code execution, that handle HTTP Keep-Alive requests within the same process (f.e. when running as Apache module).

The advisory moves on to explain that a PHP version using the Hardening Patch would be immune to these types of issues, had they not been caught.

It's needless to say that anyone who was running beta 2 should upgrade to beta 3.



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