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Latest PECL Releases (06.25.2024)
Jun 25, 2024 @ 08:05:14

Latest PECL Releases:

  • yaf 3.3.6
    - Fixed build with PHP8.3

  • swoole 6.0.0
    - Swoole supports multi-threading mode. When PHP is in ZTS mode and Swoole is compiled with --enable-swoole-thread, the multi-threading mode can be utilized. - Added a new thread management class SwooleThread. - Introduced thread lock SwooleThreadLock. - Added thread atomic counter SwooleThreadAtomic, SwooleThreadAtomicLong. - Added safe concurrent containers SwooleThreadMap, SwooleThreadArrayList, SwooleThreadQueue. - File asynchronous operations support iouring as the underlying engine. Installing liburing and compiling Swoole with --enable-iouring enables asynchronous operations for functions like file_get_contents, file_put_contents, fopen, fclose, fread, fwrite, mkdir, unlink, fsync, fdatasync, rename, fstat, lstat, filesize through iouring. - Upgraded Boost Context to version 1.84. Now, Loongson CPUs can also supports coroutines. - Fixed the issue where installation via pecl was not possible. - Fixed the bug where setting keepalive was not possible for SwooleCoroutineFastCGIClient. - Fixed the issue where exceeding the max_input_vars would throw an error, causing the process to restart repeatedly. - Fixed unknown issues caused by using SwooleEvent::wait() within a coroutine. - Fixed the problem where proc_open does not support pty in coroutine mode. - Fixed segmentation fault issues with pdo_sqlite on PHP 8.3. - Fixed unnecessary warnings during the compilation of Swoole. - Fixed the error thrown by zend_fetch_resource2_ex when STDOUT/STDERR are already closed. - Fixed ineffective set_tcp_nodelay configuration. - Fixed the occasional unreachable branch issue during file upload. - Fixed the problem where setting dispatch_func would cause PHP's internals to throw errors. - Fixed the deprecation of AC_PROG_CC_C99 in autoconf >= 2.70. - Capture exceptions when thread creation fails. - Fixed the undefined problem with _tsrm_ls_cache. - Fixed the fatal compile error with GCC 14. - Removed unnecessary checks for socket structs. - Upgraded Swoole Library. - Added support for status code 451 in SwooleHttpResponse. - Synchronized file operation code across different PHP versions. - Synchronized pdo operation code across different PHP versions. - Optimized the code for Socket::ssl_recv(). - Improved config.m4; some configurations can now set library locations via pkg-config. - Optimized the use of dynamic arrays during request header parsing. - Optimized file descriptor fd lifecycle issues in multi-threading mode. - Optimized some fundamental coroutine logic. - No longer supports PHP 8.0. - No longer supports SwooleCoroutineMySQL coroutine client. - No longer supports SwooleCoroutineRedis coroutine client. - No longer supports SwooleCoroutinePostgreSQL coroutine client. - Swoole-v6.0.0-alpha is a test version and cannot be used in any production environment; it is for testing purposes only.
  • parallel 1.2.2
    - CI: move docker images from Docker Hub to GHCR - fix compilation issues with PHP 8.2 and 8.3 on 32 bit hardware - fix compilation issues with PHP 8.4 (current master) - fix Sync object debug handlers in PHP 8.3


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