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Latest PECL Releases (06.11.2024)
Jun 11, 2024 @ 08:05:17

Latest PECL Releases:

  • datadog_trace 1.1.0
    ## Tracer


    • Implement OTel config remapping #2691
    • Remap OTel to DD status code #2695


    • Apply some fixes with sidecar trace sender #2680, #2686, #2689, #2698, #2700
    • Don't treat Symfony 2 differently from other versions #2693
    • Ensure DDTRACE_G(active_stack) is always NULL when the root span is being pushed #2701


    • Switch 2 logs to logev to avoid useless work #2679
    • shrink size of Rust artifacts #2696



    • Add thread id label on every sample #2692


    • Reduce memory usage by upgrading libdatadog to v10 #2697
  • krb5 1.2.1
    - [FEATURE] Implement channel bindings support - [API] Allow passing null channel binding in NegotiateAuth
  • krb5 1.2.0
    - [FEATURE] Implement channel bindings support
  • mongodb 1.19.2
    Release 1.19.2
    • PHPC-2391: Update drivers tools to v2 by @alcaeus in https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-php-driver/pull/1573
    • PHPC-2394: Update libmongoc to 1.27.2 by @jmikola in https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-php-driver/pull/1575

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-php-driver/compare/1.19.1...1.19.2 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----

    iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEYB1UFjBzGnj7D2hrJubQdPEfzfsFAmZhv/EACgkQJubQdPEf zfsJgxAAlFnZuN8RiuXG0j/UZX+j6VVzFDSupI7Z3e8Za5tVYFPfb/XjsvacI20a x2uD4xgUt4nyLdgAxADkSdEzrGgfxL8Q3tFB3rL3s2NHm+AbIuwmAN7VNi2z59wz xIxzZtZz8l9/ivBJTueqRTAHbWAobUsFnbI1oK6rj5ycBhhZnxif/etV/1K4UIQM CddfMms6XJNSWw4PVCW+jNPVIJvO04a0JYSA6/iP13FzxPDLz0K3ebErXD2L2Z+z PXq/C+VHvmKxI7Dr9TKJ6Mae9kNz5HocxKm3npVWjOZUZlUAGTbFeAyqeDJCMf3W RU6Epwh/lcEICCdiqwZCoQ+wHQkIwOswAaRau9Fpy99f1/exUWVqqlDWbs3Y4OU5 48zgGBmsOWWCAEyxdtwpWkV8OcqjgOPoO4jfyKjX/dv91fe2mFAQ6dgdk6UV4WXi 4lVJdW/OwcRKJcldGbzGGjUGQXN/sP4Tm1Aqo3OqmfMoOOlQDKoZkXFHDfacRt1k tUSPj0uhai1ZRO3CzN0UKmrLqX6bBFyq4eJc6l1pkn7jVdsHXYLq+1GM7dm2fCAx n7KK7USNqsz9w6xEELTl++K9tYyBu9EgcIMjd8rxDNKuLYkteEOlmmZxLRMNB2gT 2ZgtH6PmX+QiXJDKzpboqUodNBvsYlrZQcIsLBWnOIfZAlBAzcE= =1rMo -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

  • swoole 5.1.3
    - Fix the problem of being unable to install through pecl. - Fix the issue of SwooleCoroutineFastCGIClient client being unable to set keepalive. - Fix the issue of process continuously restarting due to error thrown when request parameters exceed max_input_vars. - Fix the unknown issue caused by using SwooleEvent::wait() in a coroutine. - Fix the issue of proc_open not supporting pty when used in a coroutine. - Fix the segmentation fault issue in pdo_sqlite on PHP 8.3. - Fix the unnecessary warning when compiling Swoole. - Fix the error thrown when calling zend_fetch_resource2_ex on closed STDOUT/STDERR. - Fix the invalid set_tcp_nodelay configuration. - Fix the occasional unreachable branch issue triggered during file uploads. - Fix the issue causing PHP core to throw errors when dispatch_func is set. - Fix the obsolete warning of AC_PROG_CC_C99 in autoconf >= 2.70 version. - Remove unnecessary checks for socket structs. - Upgrade the Swoole library. - Add support for http status code 451 in SwooleHttpResponse. - Synchronize file operation code across different versions of PHP. - Synchronize PDO operation code across different versions of PHP. - Optimize the code for Socket::ssl_recv() function. - Optimized config.m4 by allowing some configurations to set dependency library locations using pkg-config. - Optimize the issue with using dynamic arrays when parsing request headers.
  • protobuf 4.27.1
    * See github.com/protocolbuffers/protobuf/releases/tag/v27.1 for release notes.


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