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Latest PECL Releases (04.30.2024)
Apr 30, 2024 @ 08:05:17

Latest PECL Releases:

  • gRPC 1.63.0
    - gRPC Core 1.63.0 update

  • couchbase 4.2.1
    Fixes =====
    • PCBC-987: Fix consistency vector encoding for FTS (#163)
    • PCBC-985: Use system DNS config by default, and disable DNS-SRV if system does not provide DNS server. (#159)


    • PCBC-859: Update build scripts and instructions for Windows (#158, #164)
    • PCBC-984, PCBC-987: Improve compatiblity with pcntl_fork() (#157, #162)

    Notable changes in core C++



    * CXXCBC-489: Support scoped eventing functions. (#548)
    * CXXCBC-489: Add `version_7_2_0 eventing` function language compatibility. (#554)
    * CXXCBC-470: Distinguish between 'unset' and 'off' query_profile (#551)


    * CXXCBC-487: Check if alternate addressing is used when bootstrapping. (#545)
    * CXXCBC-503: Ignore configuration if it contains an empty vBucketMap. (#556, #558)
    * CXXCBC-30: Inconsistent behaviour when using subdoc opcodes incorrectly (#559)
    * CXXCBC-492: Use retry strategy in collections_component's get_collection_id. (#552)
    * CXXCBC-494: Fix memory issue in range scan implementation. (#549)
    * Always attempt to extract common query code if error has not been
      set. (#561) Fixes quota/rate limit checks for older servers.

    Build and Tests Fixes

    * CXXCBC-502: Apply `/bigobj` for SDK objects only. (#550) Avoid using
      global add_definitions() as it might leak to non-CXX languages (like
      `ASM_NASM` on Windows).
    * Add feature check for scoped analyze_document in tests (#555)            
  • hdr_histogram 0.5.0
    - Migrate from resource to object of new HdrHistogramHistogram class - add HdrHistogramIterator and HdrHistogramIteratorPercentile classes


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