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Latest PECL Releases (03.19.2024)
Mar 19, 2024 @ 08:05:14

Latest PECL Releases:

  • opentelemetry 1.0.2beta2
    See https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-php-instrumentation/releases/tag/1.0.2beta2

  • couchbase 4.2.0
    Enhancements ============
    • PCBC-979: Add static helpers to SearchQuery types (#149)
    • PCBC-970: SDK Support for Scoped Search Indexes (#147)
    • PCBC-968: Support for maxTTL value of -1 for collection "no expiry" (#144)
    • PCBC-967: Support for vector search (#143)
    • PCBC-965: Support DocNotLockedException and core update (#142)
    • PCBC-960: Merge protostellar branch to master (#138, #153)


    • PCBC-964: Wait until the core connection is closed (#141)
    • PCBC-972: Fix C++ detection on MacOS X (#145)
    • Add missing use statement in class DecrementOptions (#146)
    • Update core and rename query_index_create fields to keys (#148)

    Notable changes in core C++

    Since 1.0.0-dp.14


    • CXXCBC-482: Range scan orchestrator should use best effort retry strategy by default. (#542)
    • CXXCBC-481: Fix potential crash when parsing search result hits. (#541)
    • CXXCBC-461: Do not send ping to nodes that have not completed bootstrap. (#540)
    • CXXCBC-480: LookupInAnyReplica should not enforce any limits on number of specs in the library. (#539)
    • CXXCBC-479: Fix capabilities check for replica LookupIn operations. (#537)
    • CXXCBC-336: Do not fallback to, if we cannot obtain system DNS server (#533)

    Since 1.0.0-dp.13

    New features and enhancements

    • CXXCBC-456: handle 0x0d (config_only) status from KV (#523).
    • CXXCBC-191: Create Index Key Encoding (#519)
    • CXXCBC-442: Add support for raw_json and raw_string transcoders (#514, #515)
    • Add full_set option to view query options (#517)


    • CXXCBC-345: Range scan improvements resolve concurrency issues (#525).
    • CXXCBC-284: Do not use session that is not bootstrapped to poll for config (#528)
    • CXXCBC-447: Use addresses from the config to bootstrap bucket (#516)
    • CXXCBC-450: Reset bootstrap handler before re-bootstrap (#524).
    • Update view design_document rev to be optional (#526).
    • Change encoded search request showrequest param from string to boolean. (#518)
    • CXXCBC-452: Update capabilities and fail fast when selected feature is not available. (#522, #513)
      • CXXCBC-431: Add check for history retention bucket capability in collection create/update (#502, #505)
      • CXXCBC-421: Return feature_not_available when query preserve expiry is not supported (#510)

    Since 1.0.0-dp.12

    New features and enhancements

    • CXXCBC-346: Support for maxTTL value of -1 for collection 'no expiry'. (#500)
    • CXXCBC-442: Support for raw_json and raw_string transcoders. (#514)
    • CXXCBC-440: Support for Scoped Search Indexes. (#512, #513)


    • CXXCBC-284: Reduce network traffic when polling for cluster configuration. (#504)
    • CXXCBC-422: Add insufficient credentials error code to common query error code conversion. (#511)
    • CXXCBC-421: Return feature_not_available when query preserve expiry is not supported. (#510)
    • CXXCBC-426: Get with very large projection test is returning fields outside of the projection. (#499)

    Since 1.0.0-dp.11


    • CXXCBC-404: KV_LOCKED status should be exposed as cas_mismatch for unlock. (#479)
    • CXXCBC-403: Allow retries for KV not_my_vbucket response. (#480)
    • CXXCBC-368: Subscribe to clustermap notifications to speedup failover. (#490)'
    • CXXCBC-419: Ensure that MCBP protocol parser starts with clean state. Fixes protocol parsing issues when bootstrap sequence is being retried. (#496)
    • CXXCBC-409: Add handling for 'index does not exist' query error. (#492)
    • CXXCBC-391: Fix transactions API inconsistencies. (#482)
      • Remove kv_timeout
      • Rename expiration_time to timeout

    New features and enhancements

    • CXXCBC-100: Add ability to set timeout for ping. (#486)
    • CXXCBC-412: Support document_not_locked response. (#491)

    Since 1.0.0-dp.10


    • CXXCBC-383: Map subdoc_doc_too_deep KV status to path_too_deep error code. (#455)
    • CXXCBC-382: Fix raw_binary_transcoder so that gets on binary data are possible. (#459)

    New features and enhancements

    • CXXCBC-377: Implement ExtParallelUnstaging in transactions. (#457)
    • CXXCBC-363: Add examples for bulk operations. (#442)
    • Add more information to diagnose timeouts on NMV responses. (#475)
    • Migrate cbc tools from docopt to CLI11. (#466)
  • Tensor 3.0.5
    - Update Zephir to 0.17
  • mongodb 1.17.3
    ** Task * [PHPC-2339] - Upgrade libmongoc to 1.25.4 * [PHPC-2340] - Upgrade libmongocrypt to 1.8.4
  • phalcon 5.6.2
    Full changelog can be found at: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/blob/master/CHANGELOG-5.0.md


    • Changed PhalconMvcViewEngineVoltCompiler::filter to use the helper with upper and lower for UTF-8 characters #16543
    • Changed PhalconDiAbstractInjectionAware to extend stdClass for PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings #16543
  • protobuf 4.26.0
    * See github.com/protocolbuffers/protobuf/releases/tag/v26.0 for release notes.


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