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Latest PECL Releases (09.05.2023)
Sep 05, 2023 @ 08:05:13

Latest PECL Releases:

  • opentelemetry 1.0.0beta7
    opentelemetry 1.0.0beta7 * adding more tests (#82) * disabling expanding args for internal functions (#84) * check for invalid hook function signatures (#79) * adding checks for conflicting extensions (#83) * adding notes and minor code improvements for issue 68 (#75) * fixing crash + docs (#76) * fixing clang-format install (#78) * adding valgrind (#73) * fixing segfault when returning params from pre callback (#72) * adding failing tests for pre-hook params (#71) * moving docs back to root (#70) * add failing test for expand params with post callback (#69) * moving extension to subdirectory (#65)

  • brotli 0.14.1
    - update build-in brotli library to v1.1.0
  • brotli 0.14.2
    - fix module version
  • ecma_intl 0.2.0
    Add Locale::$currency and LocaleOptions::$currency properties. ECMA-402 does not define these properties; they are unique to this implementation and inspired by the properties and methods added in the Intl Locale Info Proposal.
  • ecma_intl 0.1.3
    Fix: reduce duplication of code (and eliminate build warnings) by splitting MINIT for each class into separate functions. Fix: allow installation of extension on PHP 8.3. Fix: fixes a build warning for switch statements with no default branch.
  • ecma_intl 0.1.2
    Fix: ensure build directories are created for each source directory, fixing an issue where the extension could not be installed using pecl.


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