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Latest PECL Releases (08.02.2022)
Aug 02, 2022 @ 08:05:11

Latest PECL Releases:

  • ip2proxy 3.0.3
    Fixed wrong ip2proxy.c file.

  • swoole 5.0.0
    Added --- * Added max_concurrency option for Server * Added max_retries option for CoroutineHttpClient * Added name_resolver global option * Added upload_max_filesize option for Server * Added Coroutine::getExecuteTime() * Added SWOOLE_DISPATCH_CONCURRENT_LB dispatch_mode for Server


    • Enhanced type system, added types for parameters and return values of all functions
    • Optimized error handling, all constructors will throw exceptions when fail
    • Adjusted the default mode of Server, the default is SWOOLE_BASE mode
    • Migrate pgsql coroutine client to core
    • Contains all bugfixes from the 4.8.x branch


    • Removed PSR-0 style class names
    • Removed the automatic addition of Event::wait() in shutdown function
    • Removed Server::tick/after/clearTimer/defer aliases
    • Removed --enable-http/--enable-swoole-json, adjusted to be enable by default


    • Deprecated CoroutineRedis and CoroutineMySQL
  • ip2proxy 3.0.2
    fix description and files
  • ip2location 8.1.2
    added address type and category.
  • datadog_trace 0.76.2
    ### Fixed - Check for datadog-profiling in startup only instead of inside a message_handler #1670. This fixes a possible crash when all of tracer, profiler and appsec are loaded. - Add opcode shutdown handlers, fix integrations after repeated minit #1669. This fixes a crash when using reload on apache (sending SIGUSR1). - (PHP 7) Fix curl wrapper use after free #1662. This fixes a possible crash when curl handles are manually released within destructors inside the PHP shutdown sequence. - Fix -Werror=address-of-packed-member (#1664).

    Internal changes

    • Skip curl test if curl is not loaded #1668

    Profiling (v0.7.2)

    • Fix crash with SAPI env vars DataDog/dd-prof-php#46
    • Avoid .message_handler due to upstream bug DataDog/dd-prof-php#47
  • scoutapm 1.8.1
    - Added automation to upload DLL for Windows releases (#112)
  • mysql_xdevapi 8.0.30


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