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Latest PECL Releases (01.25.2022)
Jan 25, 2022 @ 08:05:04

Latest PECL Releases:

  • openswoole 4.10.0
    - New feature: Co::select, the non-blocking coroutine channel selector

    • New feature: HTTP2 SSE server-sent events
    • New feature: Improved channel stats
    • Bug fixed: Argument data type fixed at sleep() and usleep() API by @Hailong
    • Bug fixed: HTTP2 and TLS bug fixes
  • datadog_trace 0.69.0
    ### Breaking changes - Query string is now not included in `http.url` in Nette integration and in generic web frameworks tracing.


    • Implement x-datadog-tag propagation and _dd.p.upstream_services #1405


    • Get rid of ini-ignoring and redundant checking of ddtrace being enabled #1448
    • Strip query string from http.url in generic web tracing #1454
    • Use internal root spans in Integrations in place of using the legacy API #1383
    • Hard-code version in installer, remove --url option, rename it #1463
    • Remove generator support on PHP 7 #1464


    • Ensure a proper sampling decision is also evaluated when distributed tracing is used #1450
    • Fix ObjectKVStore compatibility with throwing autoloaders #1451
    • Properly report error for artisan command in Laravel 7+ #1456 (thank you @ls-paul-julien-vauthier)

    Internal changes

    • Migrate ZAI tests to use ZAI SAPI harness #1457
    • Move ZAI SAPI to root directory #1411 #1443
    • ZAI methods on PHP 5: Args and retval #1401
    • Implement ZAI Value interface #1453
    • Implement ZAI SAPI test harness (catch2) #1455
    • Implement ZAI SAPI test fixture (catch2) #1458
    • Refactor ZAI SAPI into Tea SAPI, brings various improvements #1462
    • Implement ZAI Symbols interface #1452
    • Address Sanitizer check for ZAI SAPI - 1459
    • Fix ZaiSapi_ROOT path in Makefile #1443
  • teds 0.8.0
    * Add `StableSortedListSet` and `StableSortedListMap` as memory-efficient alternatives to `SortedStrictSet`/`SortedStrictMap`. * Speed up `SortedStrictSet::__unserialize` and `SortedStrictMap::__unserialize` when data is already sorted. * Fix crash in `StrictSet` and `SortedStrictSet` during cyclic garbage collection.
  • teds 0.7.0
    * Make `Tedsstrict_hash` ignore recursion caused by unrelated functions (e.g. var_dump calling `__debugInfo` calling `strict_hash`) * Add `Tedsbinary_search(array $values, mixed $target, callable $comparer = null, bool $useKey=false)` * Change parent class of `TedsStableMaxHeap` and `TedsStableMinHeap` to `SplHeap`. * Fix deduplication when constructing `StrictSet` from `iterable`, `StrictMap` from `Traversable`. * Add `Tedsunique_values(iterable): array` using `strict_hash` to check for duplicates.
  • PDO_INFORMIX 1.3.6
    Including the Fix for buffer overflow issue wiht UTF-8.
  • PAM 2.2.4
  • teds 0.6.0
    * Make `Tedsstable_compare` sort objects by class name with strcmp before sorting by spl_object_id. * Add a hash map `StrictMap` using `Tedsstable_hash` as a hash algorithm. Keys are returned in order of insertion. * Add a hash set `StrictSet` using `Tedsstable_hash` as a hash algorithm. * Add a sorted map `SortedStrictMap` using `Tedsstable_compare` as a comparison function. Keys are returned ordered by `Tedsstable_compare` and no two keys have `stable_compare` return 0 (i.e. no two keys are equivalent). * Add a sorted set `SortedStrictSet` using `Tedsstable_compare` as a comparison function. * Add StableMinHeap/StableMaxHeap extending SplMinHeap/SplMaxHeap, using `Tedsstable_compare` as a comparison function.


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