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Latest PECL Releases (09.21.2021)
Sep 21, 2021 @ 08:05:05

Latest PECL Releases:

  • eio 3.0.0RC3
    Fixed issue #13: libeio sometimes didn't auto-initialize.

  • datadog_trace 0.65.0
    **WARNING**: Resource names for ?Lumen? applications will change by default to `GET /actual/uri/path` from the previous format `GET action_name` or `GET AppController@action_method`. You might need to adjust your monitors and filters for the change. In order to go back to the previous behavior, instead, you can temporarily set `DD_TRACE_URL_AS_RESOURCE_NAMES_ENABLED=false`


    • Add functions ZAI support for PHP 5 and 7 #1300
    • Add properties and exceptions ZAI implementations for PHP 5 #1306
    • Enhance exception reporting on Laravel 5+ #1322


    • Remove src/dd-doctor.php #1316
    • Honor DD_TRACE_URL_AS_RESOURCE_NAMES_ENABLED in Lumen resource naming #1318


    • Fix CLI processes emitting empty root spans when CLI tracing is not enabled #1320
  • teds 0.3.0
    * Backwards incompatible change: Change `Vector::indexOf` return type from `int|false` to `?int` (and all other `indexOf*` methods in other data structures) * Backwards incompatible change: Change `valueAt`/`setValueAt` to get/set in Deque, Vector, and ImmutableSequence * Add optional parameter `$value = null` to `Vector::setSize()` to allow overriding the value used for padding when lengthening an array. * Change exception handling for sizes/capacities that are definitely too large to allocate. * Make Vector::push() variadic and accept 0 or more arguments, like `array_push` does. * Reclaim unused memory in Deque when roughly a quarter or less of the internal buffer is used. * Optimize performance of Deque, always use powers of 2 for the capacity of Deque to speed up reads/writes.
  • zephir_parser 1.4.1
    Sat, Sep 18, 2021 - Zephir Parser 1.4.1

    = Changes:

    • Fixed issue #125: Renamed extension name from Zephir Parser to zephir_parser
  • zephir_parser 1.4.0
    Sat, Sep 18, 2021 - Zephir Parser 1.4.0

    = New features:

    • Fixed issue #120: Add support for mixed type
    • Fixed issue #118: Add support for yield statement
  • ev 1.1.5
    Fixed #44: segmentation fault when the watcher is destroyed in its callback and an exception is thrown. Issue #40: Fixed PHP 8 Windows build: the list of source files in config.w32 was incorrect for PHP 8.
  • nsq 3.5.1
    * for PHP8 * add pub connection timeout * fix pub bug retrun false when revice heartbeat
  • teds 0.2.1
    * Support `$vector[] = $value` and `$deque[] = $value` assignments to append to Vector/Deque. * Add map() and filter() functions to Vector.
  • phalcon 5.0.0alpha6
    Full changelog can be found at: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/blob/master/CHANGELOG-5.0.md


    • Adjusted the constructor for PhalconStorageAdapter* and PhalconCacheAdapter* to allow an empty key prefix to be set if needed. #15480
    • Changed:
    • PhalconDbAdapterAdapterInterface:lastInsertId() to be identical as Pdo:lastInsertId()
    • PhalconDbAdapterAdapterInterface:close() now returns void instead of bool
    • PhalconDbAdapterAdapterInterface:connect() now returns void instead of bool and 1st argument default value is empty array instead of null #15659


    • Added PhalconSecurityJWTBuilder::addClaim for custom JWT claims. #15656
  • phalcon 5.0.0alpha5
    Full changelog can be found at: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/blob/master/CHANGELOG-5.0.md


    • Merged all architectures (build/phalcon/32bits, build/phalcon/64bits and build/phalcon/safe) into single universal inside build/phalcon #15647


    • Fixed C code in build/ directory #15647
  • protobuf 3.18.0
    * No new changes in 3.18.0
  • gRPC 1.40.0
    - gRPC Core 1.40.0 update


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