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Latest PECL Releases (03.09.2021)
Mar 09, 2021 @ 14:05:01

Latest PECL Releases:

  • Tensor 2.2.1
    - Optimize 2D convolution operation

    • Fix and optimize vector convolve 1D operation
  • crypto 0.3.2
    * Fixed compatibility with PHP 8
  • gnupg 1.5.0RC2
    * Fixed build with libgpgme 1.3 * Fixed largefile support on 32-bit platforms * Fixed tests in PECL archive
  • yaf 3.3.2
    - Fixed Memory leak in yaf_loader - Fixed issue #537 (segfault in macos with 4 bytes length controller name) - Fixed issue #536 (application.bootstrap not used)
  • protobuf 3.15.5
    New changes in 3.15.5: * Fixed quadratic memory use in array append (#8379)
  • couchbase 3.1.1
    PCBC-745: throw BadInputException when string cannot be used as CAS PCBC-746: add tests for transcoding empty value PCBC-748: fix *Option#expiry() return value in documentation stubs
  • datadog_trace 0.56.0
    ### Added - Add randomized testing to test hundreds of different scenarios #1131 - Add configured http headers to root span #1154 - Add the possibility to freeze a regression in a specific randomized tests scenario #1153 ### Changed - Remove non php7 code from ext/php7 folder #1162 - Remove non php5 code from ext/php5 folder #1164 ### Fixed - Add missing dependency on curl extension for PHP 8 #1144 (Thanks @remicollet!) - Fix initialization of `curl_multi_init()` for distributed tracing #1159 - Add comment to long running example for method instead of function #1149 - Fix linting + xfail a flaky test #1147 - Update links in README.md to configuration and OT docs #1069 - Fix clang-format installation after circleci image update to buster #1141
  • PDO_INFORMIX 1.3.4
    Added Supportfor PHP 8 version.
  • APCu 5.1.20
    - Fix deadlocks when other apcu_* functions are used inside apcu_entry(). It should now be safe to use any functions inside the apcu_entry() callback. - Fix division by zero exception in apc.php. - Fix handling of references in PHP 8 if "default" serializer is used (which is not the default). - Fix string reuse handling if "default" serializer is used (which is not the default). - Check for failures when acquiring read locks to report problems earlier (write locks were already checked previously). - Adjust tests for current PHP 8.1 development branch. - Remove *_api.h headers. Use apc_cache.h instead of apc_cache_api.h etc.
  • LuaSandbox 4.0.0
    - Add docbook documentation (for php.net) - Flag optional and variadic parameters properly for PHP reflection - Remove memory leaks in data_conversion.c - Drop PHP5 and HHVM compatibility - Add PHP 8 support - Windows compilation fixes
  • protobuf 3.15.4
    New changes in 3.15.4: * read_property() handler is not supposed to return NULL (#8362)


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