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Latest PECL Releases (05.19.2020)
May 19, 2020 @ 13:05:01

Latest PECL Releases:

  • datadog_trace 0.45.1
    ### Fixed

    • Fix uncaught exceptions with auto flushing enabled #882
    • Prevent curl and guzzle from inheriting top level app name #885
    • Change PDO service name to lowercase #886
  • phalcon 4.0.6
    Full changelog can be found at: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/blob/master/CHANGELOG-4.0.md




    • Changed Volt::convertEncoding to no longer using iconv for a fallback since it causes issues with macOS #14912
    • Changed schema manipulation in PhalconDbDialectMysql - unquote numerical defaults #14888, #14974
    • Changed the default ACL access level from boolean FALSE to Enum::DENY #14974
    • Changed the way PhalconHttpResponse::__construct checks content data type. Now a TypeError will be thrown if incompatible data type was passed #14983
    • Changed return type hints of the following PhalconFlashFlashInterface's methods: error, message, notice, success and warning #14994
    • Changed return type hint for PhalconMvcModelInterface::sum #15000
    • Changed return type for PhalconMvcModelCriteria::getLimit so that integer, NULL or array will be returned #15004
    • Changed return type hint for PhalconMvcModelManager::getCustomEventsManager to return NULL instead of boolean FALSE if there is no special events manager #15008
    • Changed PhalconMvcModelMetaData::getDI so that now it will throw a PhalconMvcModelException if there is no DiInterface instance #15011
    • Changed PhalconHttpRequest::getJsonRawBody to use json_decode instead of PhalconJson::decode #14936
    • Changed PhalconFactoryAbstractFactory to expose getService which will throw an exception if it does not exist. Removed checkService and adjusted all references in newInstance() calls. #15038
    • Changed the visibility of methods and properties in PhalconHttpMessageResponse, PhalconHttpMessageServerRequest and PhalconHttpMessageUri to work with clone. #15040


    • Fixed PhalconMvcModelQueryBuilder::getPhql to add single quote between string value on a simple condition #14874
    • Fixed recognizing language operators inside Volt's echo mode ({{ ... }}) #14476
    • Fixed Tag::friendlyTitle to correctly convert titles under MacOS and Windows #14866
    • Fixed the Volt compiler to no longer parse cache fragments and thus searching for the viewCache service (deprecated for v4) #14907
    • Fixed IN operator precedence in Volt #14816
    • Fixed testing suite to work with PHPUnit 9 when we upgrade #14837
    • Fixed return type hints of the following PhalconAclAbstractAdapter's methods: getActiveAccess, getActiveRole and getActiveComponent #14974
    • Fixed default value of the following PhalconAnnotationsAnnotation's properties: $arguments and $exprArguments #14977
    • Fixed return type hints of the following PhalconAnnotationsAnnotation's methods: getArgument, getName and getNamedArgument #14977
    • Fixed incorrect return type hint for PhalconHttpResponseCookies::setSignKey #14982
    • Fixed return type hints for PhalconConfigConfigFactory::load and PhalconConfigConfigFactory::newInstance to explicitly indicate the return type as PhalconConfig instance #14978
    • Fixed return type hints for the following methods #14987:
      • PhalconDispatcherAbstractDispatcher::dispatch
      • PhalconDispatcherDispatcherInterface::dispatch
      • PhalconFilter::get
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractCommon::cloneInstance
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractCommon::processWith
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractMessage::withAddedHeader
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractMessage::withBody
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractMessage::withHeader
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractMessage::withProtocolVersion
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractMessage::withoutHeader
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractRequest::withMethod
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractRequest::withRequestTarget
      • PhalconHttpMessageAbstractRequest::withUri
      • PhalconMvcModelBinder::findBoundModel
      • PhalconValidation::getEntity
      • PhalconValidationValidationInterface::getEntity
    • Fixed default value of PhalconCrypt::$key to satisfy the interface #14989
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconDi::getInternalEventsManager #14992
    • Fixed return type hints of the following PhalconFlashAbstractFlash's methods: error, notice, success and warning #14994
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconTranslateInterpolatorFactory::newInstance #14996
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModel::sum #15000
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModelCriteriaInterface::getLimit and PhalconMvcModelCriteria::getLimit to follow documentation and original purpose #15004
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModel::count and PhalconMvcModelInterface::count to reflect original behavior #15006
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModel::getEventsManager to reflect original behavior #15008
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModel::average and PhalconMvcModelInterface::average to reflect original behavior #15013
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModelMetaData::getColumnMap and PhalconMvcModelMetaData::getReverseColumnMap to reflect original behavior #15015
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModelMetaDataInterface::getColumnMap and PhalconMvcModelMetaDataInterface::getReverseColumnMap to reflect original behavior #15015
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModelCriteriaInterface::getColumns and PhalconMvcModelCriteria::getColumns to reflect original behavior #15017
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconDbColumn::getSize and PhalconDbColumnInterface::getSize to reflect original behavior #15019
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconDbColumn::getAfterPosition and PhalconDbColumnInterface::getAfterPosition to reflect original behavior #15021
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModelManager::executeQuery and PhalconMvcModelManager::ManagerInterface to reflect original behavior #15024
    • Fixed return type hint for PhalconMvcModelResultset::getFirst and PhalconMvcModelResultsetInterface::getFirst to reflect original behavior #15027
    • Rollback the regression changes for PhalconMvcModelQuery::_prepareSelect to properly prepare a SQL SELECT statement from a PHQL one #14657
    • Fixed SerializerInterface usage for PhalconMvcModelResultsetComplex::unserialize as well as PhalconMvcModelResultsetComplex::unserialize #14942


    • Removed PhalconTranslateInterpolatorFactory::$mapper as well as PhalconTranslateInterpolatorFactory::$services in favor of PhalconFactoryAbstractFactory ones #15036
  • protobuf 3.12.0
    GA release.
  • yaf 3.2.3
    - Fixed issue #482 (segfault if plugin doesn't defines all hooks) - Fixed issue #481 (application.system.yaf.directory has no effect)
  • yac 2.2.1
    - Refactor key manipulation, avoding memory allocation - Refactor Yac::__set/__get by using native objects_handler
  • skywalking 3.3.0
    Added memcache collection and skywalking 8.0 support
  • protobuf 3.12.0RC2
    GA release.
  • datadog_trace 0.45.0
    ## Important behavior changes in this release If you are using `dd_trace`, `dd_trace_function`, or `dd_trace_method` then you need to call these functions before the first invocation of the target e.g. `dd_trace('foo', ...)` should be done before `foo` is called for the first time.


    • Compile to one single file #840, #874
    • Simplify configuration #833, #870
    • Refactor module blacklist #852
    • Cache that a function is not traced #854, #863
    • Simplify spl_autoload_register instrumentation #867
    • Use normalized URL as the resource name for curl #869 (thanks, @akdh!)
    • Sandbox header and http_response_code #875


    • Fix variadic args with empty function signature #872
    • Bump phpstan to 0.12 and fix issues #841


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