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Latest PECL Releases (04.07.2020)
Apr 07, 2020 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • rpminfo 0.5.0
    - add rpmaddtag() function

  • amqp 1.10.2
    - Windows build: avoid variable lengths arrays (Christoph M. Becker) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/368)

    For a complete list of changes see: https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/compare/v1.10.1...v1.10.2

  • amqp 1.10.1
    - Fix Windows compatibility: avoid variable lengths arrays (Christoph M. Becker <cmbecker69@gmx.de>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/368)

    For a complete list of changes see: https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/compare/v1.10.0...v1.10.1

  • amqp 1.10.0
    - Adding global prefetch support (#366) (Terence Marks <tezmarks@gmail.com>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/367) - Fix minimal librabbitmq in config.m4 and readme (Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/347) - Support connection_name parameter for custom connection names in RabbitMQ (Alexandr Zolotukhin <supersmile2009@gmail.com>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/363) - Fixed build on Travis CI (Alexandr Zolotukhin <supersmile2009@gmail.com>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/365) - Make use of rpc_timeout in newer librabbitmq by introducing new constructor hash parameter (modulatix <oleg.pereverzev@gmail.com>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/334) - Fix #355: Compile failure on php 7.4 (Christoph M. Becker <cmbecker69@gmx.de>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/359) - Update amqp_type.c (Pawe? Miko?ajczuk <pawel@mikolajczuk.in>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/360) - Build against PHP 7.4 (Carlos Barrero <carlos.barrero@spotahome.com>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/361) - Pass params by value in AMQPConnection::__construct() (Sergei Karpov) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/346) - Fix explicit null-string for $routing_key in Queue::bind() and Exchange::publish() (Sergei Karpov) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/341) - No longer limited to PHP 5 (Lars Strojny <lars.strojny@internations.org>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/0) - Fix minimal version to 5.6 (Remi Collet <remi@famillecollet.com>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/338) - Back to dev (Lars Strojny <lars.strojny@internations.org>) (https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/issues/1)

    For a complete list of changes see: https://github.com/pdezwart/php-amqp/compare/v1.9.4...v1.10.0

  • gRPC 1.28.0
    - gRPC Core 1.28.0 update
  • datadog_trace 0.42.0
    ### Added
    • Close open sandboxed spans on exit (PHP 5) #780
    • Prehook feature to run tracing closures before the original call #784


    • Enable background sender (BGS) by default #796, #800
    • Improves alpine extensions build/verify process #774
    • Refactor Symfony integration #786
    • Let curl calculate Content-Length header value when sending requests to the agent #804


    • Pass return value as null to tracing closure when value IS_UNDEF #791 (thanks for the report @wajdisawaf!)
    • Set a sane memory limit when running php from inside post-install hook #792
  • yaf 3.1.4
    - Fixed issue #469 (treat autocontroller as Controller mistakenly) - Fixed issue #468 (abort if same key assigned to view) - minor optimization to avoding memory allocations
  • swoole 4.4.17
    Enhancement --- + Improve SSL Server performance (#3077) (85a9a595) (@matyhtf) + Remove SW_HTTP_HEADER_VALUE_SIZE, SW_HTTP_HEADER_BUFFER_SIZE (#3187) limitation (@twose) + Support MIPS (#3196) (@ekongyun) + Support CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH (swoole/library@570318be) (@twose)


    • Fixed behavior of package_length_func and memory leak (#3111) (@twose)
    • Fixed HTTP 304 error (#3118) (#3120) (@twose)
    • Fixed incorrect macro expansion (#3142) (@twose)
    • Fixed OpenSSL function signature (#3154) (#3155) (@twose)
    • Fixed SSL error msg (#3172) (@matyhtf) (@twose)
    • Fixed PHP-7.4 compatibility (@twose) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed HTTP chunk length parser (19a1c712) (@twose)
    • Fixed chunked multipart parser (3692d9de) (@twose)
    • Fixed ZEND_ASSUME failed (fc0982be) (@twose)
    • Fixed Socket address error (d72c5e3a) (@twose)
    • Fixed Socket get name #3177 (#3179) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed static handler with empty file (#3182) (@twose)
    • Fixed upload file handler on CoroutineHttpClient (#3189) (#3191) (@twose)
    • Fixed possible memory error on shutdown (44aef60a) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed Server->heartbeat (#3203) (@matyhtf)
    • Fixed reactor defer task (only tasks of the current round will be called) (#3207) (@twose)
    • Fixed invalid write on immutable array (#3212) (@twose)
    • Fixed double wait, improve error message (swoole/library@537a82e1) (@twose)
    • Fixed empty header (keep same with cURL) (swoole/library@7c92ed5a) (@twose)
    • Fixed non-IO methods error handler (swoole/library@f6997394) (@twose)
    • Fixed wrong proxy header (swoole/library@5e94e5da) (@twose)


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