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Latest PECL Releases (06.18.2019)
Jun 18, 2019 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • event 2.5.3
    Fixed #56: a warning occurred randomly when PHP stream cast via php_stream_cast() without the PHP_STREAM_CAST_INTERNAL flag. Fixed build warnings with PHP 7.4.0-alpha1: 'incompatible pointer type' warnings occurred in assignments to the write property handlers (thanks to Remi Collet).

  • runkit7 3.0.0
    Runkit7 3.0 finishes changing this extension's name from "runkit" to "runkit7". THIS WILL REQUIRE CHANGES TO YOUR BUILD SCRIPTS AND PHP.INI FILES. This change was made at the request of PECL admins, to comply with naming and packaging standards.
    • The compiled shared object name has been changed from runkit.so to runkit7.so (Mac/Linux) and php_runkit.dll to php_runkit7.dll (Windows) (php.ini files should be changed to reference extension=runkit7.so or extension=php_runkit7.dll)
    • The configure flag names have been changed from flags such as --enable-runkit / --enable-runkit-modify to --enable-runkit7 / --enable-runkit7-modify
    • Code using extension_loaded('runkit') should be changed to extension_loaded('runkit7') (as well as uses of ReflectionExtension, etc.)
    • The ini options runkit.superglobal and runkit.internal_override are unaffected.

    Changes in 3.0.0

    • Update documentation
    • It is now possible to disable superglobal support (--disable-runkit7-super was fixed)
    • Classkit compatibility functions/constants have been removed.
  • sandbox 0.1.2
    - Fix compatibility with 7.4.0alpha1 - Display extension version in phpinfo
  • swoole 4.3.5
    Fixed --- * Fixed #2610
  • parallel 1.1.2
    - Fix for 7.4.0alpha1
  • pcov 1.0.6
    - Fix for 7.4.0alpha1


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