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Latest PECL Releases (05.14.2019)
May 14, 2019 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • ds 1.2.9
    Fix segfault when iterating an implicit instance of Stack, Queue or PriorityQueue.

  • datadog_trace 0.23.0
    **NOTE: We changed the way the service name can be configured. Now you must use `DD_SERVICE_NAME` instead of `DD_TRACE_APP_NAME` for consistency with other tracers. Usage of `DD_TRACE_APP_NAME` is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.**


    • Support for Lumen 5.2+ #416
    • Tracing support from the CLI SAPI #422
    • Support for Laravel Artisan #422


    • Now the way to configure service name is through DD_SERVICE_NAME instead of DD_TRACE_APP_NAME #432
  • parallel 0.9.0
    - Channels: bi-directional communication between tasks and runtimes - Improvements to copying making it vastly more efficient - Improvements to runtime stack, making it more efficient - Tasks may use lexical scope - Events - an experimental, quite primitive event loop for reading/writing sets of channels and futures - Support for rethrowing exceptions uncaught in tasks - Simplified Runtime constructor - Remove Future::select (in favour of the superior events interface) - Task cancellation - Closure support - Drop support for PHP 7.1
  • datadog_trace 0.22.0
    ### Added - Official support for PHP 7.3 #429 - Tracer limited mode where spans are not created to preserve resources #417


    • Error when a subclassed integration returns an object that cannot be cast as a string #423


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