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Latest PECL Releases (04.23.2019)
Apr 23, 2019 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • swoole 4.3.3

    • Fixed Http2 ping frame bug (0f074a61) (371d0b86) (e28ed13c) (@twose) (@shiguangqi)
    • Fixed OSX signal bug (6d06a2c2) (6b66f56c) (@twose)
    • Fixed CoroutineHttpClient->setData (53d9d1ac) (@twose)
    • Remove HAVE_IPV6 (3effad3c) (@matyhtf)
    • PHP7.4 compatibility (#2506) (@twose)
  • event 2.4.4
    Fixed issue #53: EventBase::__construct now throws EventException if the features specified via the EventConfig parameter are not supported on the current platform.
  • runkit7 2.0.3
    - Add missing Reflection parameter information of runkit_import(). - Remove php_runkit_sandbox.h from installed headers on Windows.
  • rdkafka 3.1.0
    * Added timestamp support (@mariam-japaridze) * Added headers support (@martynaszaliaduonis, @dariuskasiulevicius) * Added RdkafkaConf::setConsumeCb(), RdKafkaConf::setOffsetCommitCb() (@tPl0ch) * Added RdKafkaKafkaConsumer::getCommittedOffsets() (@dariuskasiulevicius) * Fixed RdKafkaMessage::errstr() (@JustBlackBird) * Fixed reflection (@carusogabriel) * Allow null key and null message (@awons) * Dropped official PHP 5.4 / 5.5 support (@tPl0ch) * Improved examples (@dbakiu, @Steveb-p)
  • dbase 7.0.0
    Backward Incompatible Changes
    • database link identifiers are now proper resources instead of integers
    • logical values are now retrieved as booleans instead of integers

    New Features

    • FoxPro datetime fields ('T') are now supported as "YYYYMMDDhhmmss.uuu"
    • Uninitialized logical fields are now supported as NULL
    • base_create() now supports an optional $type parameter (either DBASE_TYPE_DBASE or DBASE_TYPE_FOXPRO) to define the type of database to be created
    • FoxPro nullable fields are now transparently supported
    • The $mode of dbase_open() can now be specified as DBASE_RDONLY or DBASE_RDWR
    • The version of the dbase extension is now available as DBASE_VERSION
    • Basic database locking has been implemented
    • Internally the Zend memory manager is now used
    • Error reporting has been improved; e.g. unsupported field type now raise a warning

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed #39305 (Use of decimal point in different countries)
    • Fixed #52112 (dbase_get_record() returns integer instead of decimal values)
    • Fixed #68289 (wrong strlcpy call)
    • Fixed #72812 (dbase_create does not close the FD on failure)
    • Fixed #72815 (zend_get_parameters_ex() is deprecated)
    • Fixed #73391 (Writing of floats can cause OOB reads)
    • Fixed #73395 (failing dbase_create() may leak memory)
    • Fixed #73411 (dbase_pack() returns TRUE on failure)
    • Fixed #73414 (Unsupported field types may cause dbase_open() to leak memory)
    • Fixed #73442 (Float fields always have precision 0)
    • Fixed #73447 (Floats written to character fields are truncated to integer)
    • Fixed #74983 (SIGABRT when function put_dbf_field is called)
  • imagick 3.4.4RC2
    - The 3.4.4 release is intended to be the last release (other than small bug fixes) that will support either PHP 5.x, or ImageMagick 6.x. The next planned release will be PHP > 7.0 and ImageMagick > 7.0 at least, if not higher. - Added: * function Imagick::optimizeImageTransparency() * METRIC_STRUCTURAL_SIMILARITY_ERROR * METRIC_STRUCTURAL_DISSIMILARITY_ERROR * COMPRESSION_ZSTD - https://github.com/facebook/zstd * COMPRESSION_WEBP * CHANNEL_COMPOSITE_MASK * FILTER_CUBIC_SPLINE - "Define the lobes with the -define filter:lobes={2,3,4} (reference https://imagemagick.org/discourse-server/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=32506)." * Imagick now explicitly conflicts with the Gmagick extension. - Fixes: * Bug 77128 - Imagick::setImageInterpolateMethod() not available on Windows * Prevent memory leak when ImagickPixel::__construct called after object instantiation. * Prevent segfault when ImagickPixel internal constructor not called. * Imagick::setResourceLimit support for values larger than 2GB (2^31) on 32bit platforms. * Corrected memory overwrite in Imagick::colorDecisionListImage() * Bug 77791 - ImagickKernel::fromMatrix() out of bounds write. - Deprecated: * The following functions have been deprecated: ImagickDraw, matte Imagick::averageimages Imagick::colorfloodfillimage Imagick::filter Imagick::flattenimages Imagick::getimageattribute Imagick::getimagechannelextrema Imagick::getimageclipmask Imagick::getimageextrema Imagick::getimageindex Imagick::getimagematte Imagick::getimagemattecolor Imagick::getimagesize Imagick::mapimage Imagick::mattefloodfillimage Imagick::medianfilterimage Imagick::mosaicimages Imagick::orderedposterizeimage Imagick::paintfloodfillimage Imagick::paintopaqueimage Imagick::painttransparentimage Imagick::radialblurimage Imagick::recolorimage Imagick::reducenoiseimage Imagick::roundcornersimage Imagick::roundcorners Imagick::setimageattribute Imagick::setimagebias Imagick::setimageclipmask Imagick::setimageindex Imagick::setimagemattecolor Imagick::setimagebiasquantum Imagick::setimageopacity Imagick::transformimage


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