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Leonid Mamchenkov:
PHP: Countries and currencies
Dec 04, 2018 @ 16:33:41

In a recent post to his site Leonid Mamchenkov has shared a few links to packages that provide country and currency lists and a new one he's discovered that does an even better job.

Many software projects deal with the lists of countries and currencies. Some of the most common tasks include country an currency dropdowns, country flags next to the IP, or pre-filling country codes in phone numbers.

All of that information is of course standardized and you often just need a library or two to provide and use it. And there are many of those. [...] Today, however, I came across a better option – antonioribeiro/countries, which is a collection of country and currency information for Laravel PHP framework. Laravel is not required though.

The package, easily installable via Composer, provides information for over 250 countries and 250 different currencies. There's also flags, maps, states, cities and more. Check out the repository for the full list of data it offers.

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Link: http://mamchenkov.net/wordpress/2018/11/30/php-countries-and-currencies/

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