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Community News:
Latest PECL Releases (10.16.2018)
Oct 16, 2018 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • swoole 4.2.3
    This version is mostly based on the v4.2.2 made some fixes

    • Add Co::statvfs to retrieve file system information
    • Fixed non-array property error on swoole_http_response object
    • Fixed bad version number, add automated fixing tool
  • swoole 4.2.2
    + Task process supports asynchronous and coroutine + Refactor `addListener`, now developers can add new service listeners in any order + Support mixed server of `http`, `http2`, `websocket`, `tcp` + Completed coroutine redis client method parameter definition + `Co::readFile` supports reading non-disk files + Now static_handler supports more file types and skips files with length 0 * Fixed multipart/form-data in some cases parsing errors * Fixed the dislocation of sendfile data on MacOS * Fixed bug where SIGRTMIN processing error caused the log file to fail to reopen * Fixed a bug where redis-client last error value was not cleared and the next request was incorrect * Fixed a bug about connecting a connected asynchronous redis coredump * Fixed MySQL client protocol processing parameter binding NULL bug * Fixed segment fault caused by file hook, closed the include/require coroutine * Fixed the socket hook construct error * Fixed the sleep hook * Fixed a bug that returned an illegal pointer when reading an unset object property * Fixed the bug that after event_wait, EG(scope) is not restored in PHP70, causing private properties to be inaccessible * Alpine dependency compatibility optimization * Cygwin compatibility optimization * Support log_level to block warning information * Distinguish 204 response then skip body processing * The underlying code is cleaned up, all TSRM macros, PHP5 compatible macros and functions are removed, useless stack allocation and multiple pointers are reduced, FASTZPP is re-enabled to improve parameter parsing performance * Error tips optimization, error reporting guidelines will be generated when the underlying crash occurs
  • pledge 2.0.2
    - correct reflection information
  • libsodium 2.0.13
    - Security fix: sodium_pad() used to read extra memory when given an empty string
  • pledge 2.0.1
    - add unveil tests
  • redis 4.2.0RC1
    phpredis 4.2.0RC1

    The main feature of this release is new Streams API implemented by Michael Grunder.

    • Streams API [2c9e0572] (Michael Grunder)
    • Reset the socket after a timeout to make sure no wrong data is received [cd6ebc6d] (@marcdejonge)
    • Modify session testing logic [bfd27471] (Michael Grunder)
    • Allow '-' and '+' arguments and add tests for zLexCount and zRemRangeByLex [d4a08697] (Michael Grunder)
    • Fix printf format warnings [dcde9331] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Session module is required [58bd8cc8] (@remicollet)
    • Set default values for ini entries [e206ce9c] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Display ini entries in output of phpinfo [908ac4b3] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Persistant connections can be closed via close method + change reconnection logic [1d997873] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    • Documentation improvements (@mg, @elcheco, @lucascourot, @nolimitdev, Michael Grunder)
  • LuaSandbox 3.0.3
    - Fix ZTS build on PHP 7+ (Patch by Remi Collet)