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EPIC - Exakat PHP Index of Coding (August 2018)
Aug 31, 2018 @ 15:49:05

The Exakat service has posted their latest "PHP Index of Coding" for August 2018. In this index, they share statistics from the projects the service has analyzed and some trends based on the results.

Every month, Exakat runs thousands of analysis on half a million lines of PHP code. This is primarily for testing purpose, a kind of torture test that checks the engine run on any kind of code. And it is very useful to ensure all situations are correctly handled.

We also extracted the following stats out of 1700+ projects, analysis by analysis. This way, any issue may be ranked from ‘wide spread’ to ‘very unusual’. In fact, ‘wide spread’ may also be understood as : ‘almost a feature’. May be we can suggest a few of them to wiki.php.net.

They include both the latest results and how they compare from the previous entries from May 2018. Analysis points include things like:

  • Used Once Variables (In Scope)
  • PHP Keywords As Names
  • Property Used In One Method Only
  • Unitialized Properties
  • Should Make Ternary
  • Use Named Boolean In Argument Definition
  • Assigned Twice
  • Locally Unused Property

...and many more. Some of the changes from May are pretty dramatic but others have stayed about the same. Check out the full post for the overview and links to more information about each of the checks.

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Link: https://www.exakat.io/exakat-coding-index-2018-08/

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