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Jason McCreary:
Laravel by the Numbers
Jul 30, 2018 @ 16:15:01

Jason McCreary, creator of the Laravel Shift service that makes it easier to upgrade your Laravel code to new versions, has a new post to his site where he shares Laravel "by the numbers", some statistics based on the use of the service.

I had the privilege to speak at Laracon again this year. The last Laracon talk I gave, Practicing YAGNI, is one I am most proud of. Initially, I wanted to do a continuation on this topic. But there were some other talks on related topics. So I thought, “what can I talk about that’s unique to me”.

The answer was Laravel Shift. As the creator of Shift I have a unique insight into Laravel apps.

I’m super sensitive about sounding salesy. I don’t want to talk about Shift itself. I want to talk about the data derived from Shift.

The statistics are based on around 8500 Laravel applications currently using the service. He shares the results for:

  • Most popular Laravel version
  • Most popular packages
  • Most changed file(s)
  • Custom namespacing

Along with these basic numbers, he also shares information about project structures, inheritance injection, facade "abuse", queries in views (using models) and many others. Check out the full post for details on these and other results.

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Link: https://jason.pureconcepts.net/2018/07/laravel-numbers/

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