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Latest PECL Releases (05.15.2018)
May 15, 2018 @ 08:05:01

Latest PECL Releases:

  • zookeeper 0.5.0

    • Add method 'close' php-zookeeper-0.5.x will be the last series which supports PHP 5.x.
  • swoole 1.10.5
    - Added Lock::destory - Added Lock::$errCode - Fixed RWLock unavailable - Fixed arg of udp connect no effect - Added setting window size support for http2 client
  • igbinary 2.0.6
    * Same as 2.0.6RC1 * Fix a bug in Windows debug builds. * Emit more specific warnings when __sleep() returns a declared property that was unset. * Fix harmless compiler warnings during builds. * Fix a build error on PHP7.3-dev.
  • opencensus 0.2.2
    - Fix refcounts for arguments in traced function callbacks (#184)