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Latest PECL Releases (01.09.2018)
Jan 09, 2018 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • swoole 1.10.0
    - Update Table::incr and Table::decr support signed integers

    • Compatible with PHP-7.2
    • Added Event::cycle function
    • Fixed Event::del function can not remove the standard input handle problem
    • Fixed Task process timer interval is less than the Client receive timeout, causing Client :: recv deadlock problem
    • Added automatic analysis of domain names feature, asynchronous client no longer need to add additional code for domain name resolution
    • Added ssl_host_name configuration items, used to verify the SSL / TLS host legitimacy
    • When dispatch_mode = 3, an error log is printed when all the workers are busy
    • Added a port iterator that traverses all connections to a listening port
    • Fixed Table memory alignment issues on non-x86 platforms
    • Fixed the issue of invalid max_request configuration in BASE mode
    • Fixed WebSocket server in some client ping frame with mask data return error
    • Fixed an issue where HttpClient uses the HEAD method to respond to content carrying Content-Length causing stuck
    • Added STREAM module, Reactor, Worker, Task communication more flexible
    • Added request_slowlog_timeout configuration, record slow request log
    • Added MySQL asynchronous client support for JSON format
  • v8js 2.1.0
    - emit warning when compiling against V8 without untrusted code mitigations - support native modules (i.e. expose PHP objects via require('...'))
  • protobuf
    GA release.
  • gRPC 1.8.3
    - Fixed verbose log issue #13881
  • couchbase 2.4.3
    * PCBC-518: Detect and cleanup connections left in bad state * PCBC-525: Fix memory leak for schemaless connspec * PCBC-497: Add health check functions * PCBC-524: Fix memory leak when using authenticateAs() * PCBC-520: Add example for authentication with x.509 certificate * PCBC-522: Check username/password for NULL in Classic Authenticator * PCBC-516: Append information about runtime to HELLO string
  • redis 3.1.6
    phpredis 3.1.6

    This release conains only fix of RedisArray distributor hashing function which was broken in 3.1.4. Huge thanks to @rexchen123

  • stackdriver_debugger 0.1.0
    First alpha release
  • APCu 5.1.9
    - fix gh#234 mmap disabled when configure is called with --enable-apcu-mmap - fix gh#226 Warning: apcu_fetch(): apc_fetch() expects a string or array of strings. - mitigate gh#223 Fatal error when starting php on windows - add support for PCRE2 in 7.3 - use row formatting for information in phpinfo() tables - set IS_STR_PERSISTENT so refcounting failures are reported by -DRC_DEBUG=1 - fix gh#266 refcounting errors in APCIterator