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Community News:
Latest PECL Releases (03.01.2016)
Mar 01, 2016 @ 08:05:01

Latest PECL Releases:

  • msgpack 2.0.1
    - Fixed issue #82 (Check hash protection flag to avoid memory corruption)

    • Fixed Issue #80 (Serialized failed on unseted value)
    • When packing/unpacking a zend_object don't call magic methods __set/__get
  • Bitset 3.0.0
    - Upgraded API to PHP 7.0 - Removed deprecated functions
  • gRPC 0.8.0
    - Simplify gRPC PHP installation #4517 - Wrap gRPC core library version 0.13
  • event 2.0.0
    Fixed some memory issues in PHP7 - SSL leaks - Possibility of implicit destruction of user vars - Unclean SSL bufferevent shutdown - EventBufferEvent::free() within a callback damaged zvals bound to corresponding bufferevent thereby causing SEGFAULT

    Fixed PHP5/PHP7 memory issue: string returned by EventBuffer::pullup() was not zero-terminated

  • Bitset 2.0.3
    - Updated PHP version info
  • Bitset 2.0.2
    - Fixed issue (Github #9) BitSet::clear(0) should clear the first bit only (credits @aurora) - Cleaned up warnings from old code - Added fromRawValue method (Github #6) (credits @aurora)
  • WinCache - Off-by-one error in interning key strings for hash table buckets in opcode cache
  • event 2.0.0RC2
    Fixed Mac OS X build errors