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Latest PECL Releases (02.09.2016)
Feb 09, 2016 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • ev 1.0.0RC4
    Fix in PHP7: memory leak due to incorrect default loop destruction. Change: removed pthreads dependency(pthread_atfork setup for the ev_loop_fork(EV_DEFAULT) call)

  • swoole 1.8.1
    - Added psr-4 style namespace classes alias - Added swoole_server->protect methods used to protect the connection will not close by heartbeat thread - Added swoole_websocker_server::pack and swoole_websocker_server::unpack static method - Added redis subscribe and publish messages supports - Added swoole_http_client for gzip content compression support - Added swoole_client->reuse property - Fixed async client incidental core dump - Fixed async client memory leak - Fixed compile failed with enable-openssl on MacOS
  • WinCache - AV in race condition during file change notification - Add max php version for package.xml - Add rudimentary validation of filemap files - Fix assign vs. comparison bug in session
  • gmagick 2.0.1RC3
    Fix for setImagePage availability detection. Added hald_8.png test image.