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Community News:
Latest PECL Releases (02.02.2016)
Feb 02, 2016 @ 08:05:01

Latest PECL Releases:

  • timezonedb 2016.1
    Updated to version 2016.1 (2016a)

  • zmq 1.1.3
    - Introduces PHP7 support. PHP5 compilation should work but receives no updates. - Added new methods: * ZMQSocket::monitor (and related ZMQSocket::recvEvent) * ZMQ::z85Encode/Decode * ZMQ::has - Socket options are now restricted to their valid socket types - Usage pthreads extension is now better supported and tested
  • gmagick 2.0.1RC2
    Extraneous optional parameter for blurImage and sharpenImage removed. Only two parameters are supported, radius and sigma. Also, a lot more image methods with corresponding tests.
  • inotify 2.0.0
    * PHP 7 compatible release
  • imagick 3.4.0RC6
    - Added: * Imagick::evaluateImages(int EVALUATE_CONSTANT) : Imagick - Fixes: * Imagick::setImageWhitePoint, Imagick::setImageRedPrimary, Imagick::setImageGreenPrimary, Imagick::setImageBluePrimary now take 3 params when compiled against IM7. * Imagick::getImageWhitePoint, Imagick::getImageRedPrimary, Imagick::getImageGreenPrimary, Imagick::getImageBluePrimary now return 3 values when compiled against IM7.
  • mailparse 3.0.1
    - Fix double free caused by mailparse_msg_free
  • apcu_bc 1.0.2
    - restore apc behavior, apc_inc / apc_dec fail when key doesnt exists
  • xdebug 2.4.0RC4
    Mon, Jan 25, 2016 - xdebug 2.4.0RC4

    = Fixed bugs:

    • Fixed issue #1220: Segmentation fault if var_dump() output is too large.
    • Fixed issue #1223: Xdebug crashes on PHP 7 when doing a DBGp eval command.
    • Fixed issue #1229: Issues with GCC 4.8, which in -O2 move removes some required code.
    • Fixed issue #1235: Xdebug does not compile against PHP 7.1-dev due to ZEND_FETCH_STATIC_PROP*.
    • Fixed issue #1236: Can't remove breakpoints with negative IDs.
    • Fixed issue #1238: Xdebug crashes with SIGSEGV while enumerating references in variables.
    • Fixed issue #1239: Crash due to changes with the CATCH opcode's jump mechanism in 7.1
    • Fixed issue #1241: Xdebug doesn't handle FAST_RET and FAST_CALL opcodes for branch/dead code analysis, and path coverage.
    • Fixed issue #1245: xdebug_dump_superglobals dumps uninitialized with PHP
    • Fixed issue #1250: Add PHP version descriptors to debugging log and profile files.
  • swoole 1.8.0
    - Fixed swoole_process::signal core dump on PHP7 - Refactor after/tick timer - Refactor swoole_websocket_server - Added async redis client - Added async http/websocket client - Added swoole_client->reuse property - Added swoole_server->defer/swoole_event_defer - Added support for multi-port hybrid protocol - Added configure option for tcmalloc and jemalloc - Remove swoole_server->addtimer/swoole_timer_add/swoole_timer_del - Remove swoole_server->onTimer event callback - Remove swoole_server->handler - Update lish.h to version-1.9.9
  • WinCache - Fix array refcount for user and session caches - Fix string refcount for array keys - Fix IS_REFERENCE zvals passed to wincache_ucache_[inc|dec] functions - Minor bug fixes and tweaks