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Latest PECL Releases (01.12.2016)
Jan 12, 2016 @ 08:05:02

Latest PECL Releases:

  • imagick 3.4.0RC5
    - Added:

    • Imagick::subImageMatch() added parameters. The signature is now: Imagick::subimagematch(Imagick subimage[, array &$bestMatch[, float &similarity[, float $similarity_threshold = 0[, int $metric = ]]]]) These parameters are only used when compiled against ImageMagick 7.
    • Fixes:
      • wrong type for zend_parse_parameters.
  • Weakref 0.3.1
    - Fix a bug where acquired ref would be dtored before the wref during shutdown (#69131)
  • Weakref 0.3.0
    - Support PHP7 (Big thanks to Julien Pauli for helping with the upgrade) (issue #19) - Add support for cloning WeakMap - Iterating WeakMap now yields objects as keys (issue #17)
  • rdkafka 0.9.1
    * Allow to build against librdkafka master/0.9.x
  • rdkafka 0.9.0
    * Metadata API * Consistent partitioner * Fix ZTS build
  • v8js 1.1.0
    - fix build on Windows with Visual Studio 2015 - use libv8_platform on Windows - fix double free on object export - fix use after free regarding pending exceptions - fix memory leaks on bailouts caused in V8 contexts - don't abort PHP process on fatal V8 error (but trigger a warning instead)

    This release also merges in new features from V8Js 0.4.0, namely

    • Improve -Wno-c++11-narrowing/-Wno-narrowing flag detection (clang/gcc5 support)
    • Added ability to set properties on V8Function
    • CommonJS modules now have access to V8Js' var_dump function
    • V8JsScriptExtensions now reference the normalised module id (instead of just "require")
    • fatal PHP errors triggered in setModuleLoader callback are now handled gracefully
    • setModuleLoader callback is now allowed to return an empty string as source of module
    • V8Js' internal module path normalisation may now be overrode using setModuleNormaliser
  • v8js 0.4.1
    - Fix PHP.var_dump output on regexp objects (for consistency over all V8 versions) - Fix "this" on V8Object method invocations
  • mongodb 1.1.2
    * PHPC-496: Revert "Temporary workaround for warning in mongoc" * PHPC-534: Enable configure without SASL and support --with-mongodb-sasl=no * PHPC-529: Prefix BSON functions to avoid symbol conflicts * PHPC-528: Support zval references when appending BSON * PHPC-527: fix call to add_index_stringl * PHPC-527: Fix PHP 7 / 32bits build
  • WinCache - Fix array refcount for user and session caches - Fix string refcount for array keys - Minor bug fixes and tweaks
  • hprose 1.6.4
    Changed zend_error_noreturn(php 7.x only) to zend_error.
  • apcu_bc 1.0.1
    - fix gh#10 - apc_clear_cache: parameter is optional - apc_cache_info: both parameters are optional - add dep on APCu extension
  • hprose 1.6.3
    Fixed windows compile error.
  • xxtea 1.0.11
    Moved include php.h from .c to .h
  • hprose 1.6.2
    Fixed some memory leaks. Fixed properties serialization with first capital letter.