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Thijs Feryn:
Interviewing Jeremy Coates, the organizer of the PHP North West Conference
Oct 20, 2015 @ 17:21:15

Thijs Feryn has posted another in his series of video interviews with various people in the PHP community. In this latest episode he talks with Jeremy Coates, an organizer for the North West PHP conference that happens each year in Manchester in the UK.

My special guest is the organizer of this very conference. His name is Jeremy Coates and we’ve known each other for quite a while. It was Jeremy who inspired us to organize the PHPBenelux Conference, which we did back in 2010. Safe to say that this man is a source of inspiration. This year marks the 8th edition of the conference. I’ve been to 5 of them and I’ve been a speaker at 4 of the ones I attended.

Most of the discussion is about organizing conferences (as they're both organizers) with a look at how each respective conference started out and how it's grown over time. You can catch this episode either through the video player in the post or the audio-only version over on SoundCloud. You can also find previous interviews he's done with other PHP community members in this section of his site.

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Link: http://blog.feryn.eu/2015/10/19/interviewing-jeremy-coates-the-organizer-of-the-php-north-west-conference/

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